Guardian Rain Angel

The offshore southeast sea-breeze convergent line became established this morning, but nothing but a few light showers came out of it. A very slow start compared to yesterdays morning thunderstorms activity. The sea-breeze has pushed inland now at about 9:30am and still nothing worthy of noting. There was one particular cloud tower that popped up that made me do a complete double-take. Rain Angels?   

1:30PM - Right on Que. 

2:30 PM - The storms were still taking a while to develop, so I took off  and headed for Lake Okeechobee. One of my favorite places to set up is in Port Mayaca.  It's located just about in the center of Lake Okeechobee  one the eastern side between the town of Belle Glade and Okeechobee. There's a little parking area that sits up high and gives great views of the Lake and the surrounding areas which always makes for a great photo. I'm just waiting for the day this bridge gets struck while i'm out there!