4th of July Weekend Begins!

Welcome to my first blog entry! From this point forward, I will be bringing you day to day updates of my life through my photos with a little bit of background  to go with them. For those of you who don't know me, I am a 26 year old adventure seeker currently living in Wellington, Florida in the south-eastern portion of the state (20 minutes in-land of West Palm Beach). My life is heavily influenced by nature; primarily the ocean (surfing) and weather (especially any type of severe weather). Being that we're in the summer months right now and rarely do we see any type of wave action until winter, my focus shifts mainly to thunderstorm activity which is almost a daily occurrence here in South Florida. Living in Wellington allows quick access to both the Atlantic Ocean and also to the wide open terrain of the sugar cane fields that run from here to Lake Okeechobee. These open fields also allow me to document countless thunderstorms and are filled with tons of natural beauty and wildlife!  

Today started out as any other typical South Florida morning would, with a morning 'sea-breeze' influenced thunderstorm that worked it's way inland from the coastline and woke me up right before my alarm went off.  Something about waking up to rumbling thunder in the distance always starts me off in a positive mind set though. 

                                                                                                                                     'Morning Explosions'

As most storms do here with a typical east-southeast wind flow, they form close to the coast in the morning hours (7am-11am) and eventually push their way inland towards the Interior and West Coast Florida by the afternoon/evening (11am-7pm). Eventually they die out with the loss of daytime heating and stabilization of the atmosphere from previous storms. Depending on how strong the steering flow is, the storms can be completely out of the east coast area and out of my driving distance window by 1pm, so before work ends at 5pm, I'll usually know if i'll be seeing any action that evening or not. Today, when 5 o'clock came around, the entire area was clear of rain except for 1 random cell that popped up about 15 miles to the west of Wellington, at about 4:45pm. Knowing there was a good chance it would dissipate by the time I got there, I decided to head for it anyway. It's an extended weekend and I had nothing to lose. Racing out there, I could see a good deal of lightning and a significant weather advisory for 'Excessive Lightning' had popped up on my phone. At that time, I had high hopes that it would continue to grow, but instead, it ended up dying out just as I got close enough to it. I did manage to get one shot off before the lightning completely shut down and the rain let up. 

After the storm had dissipated, I decided it was time to go back home and do some fresh water fishing over in a friends yard.  We spent about an hour with only a few nibbles and an unfortunate Garfish getting hooked on the line. The sun had set and the mosquitos ended up becoming pretty terrible with the lack of wind, so we called it a night. While driving home I noticed a flash off on the horizon, so I gave the radar a quick look. It showed another storm had popped up basically right where I was earlier in the evening. I decided to go back out and try my luck again at some night time lightning photos. After driving for about a half  hour and pulling up to my spot, the storm completely fizzled out to nothing but a moonlit sky. The full-moon lit up everything around as if it were daylight facing east with Jupiter and Venus hugging each other in the sky to the west. Turned out to not to be such a bummer after all. Tomorrow I have the day off and will be hoping to catch the morning thunderstorms along the coast and praying for a waterspout! 

                                                                                                                                Left : Venus I  Right : Jupiter 

                                                                                                                               Left : Venus I  Right : Jupiter